Meet the Team

Avargo is the design studio of Charles & Jelleke. We are husband and wife and we aim to provide the best services for our clients, whether that be anything design related, web development, content strategy or branding. We like to keep up with the industry using the best and most current technologies and our solutions always bear a strong attention to detail.


When it comes to the technological side, Charles is the man to figure everything out. He makes things happen and debugs whenever a problem arises. He loves street photography and never forgets to take his Canon EOS 60D DSLR with him. Whenever he is not busy with anything else, he can be found reading articles and checking up on Twitter.


Jelleke is the creative part of the team. She likes to spend time playing with pixels in Photoshop or Illustrator and coding HTML and CSS in Espresso. Her RSS reader and bookmarks folder is overflowing with design related articles and she is trying to get a lot more familiar with PHP, Ruby, JavaScript and Sass. She loves WordPress, but she needs to write more.

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